Toyota Concept-i Gallery

Toyota Concept-i Gallery

Toyota’s Concept-i has a lot riding on it. Not only is the curvaceous concept car intended to show off Toyota’s latest efforts in autonomous driving, it’s also designed to debut the automaker’s idea of an artificial intelligence (AI). That acts as a co-pilot, weighing in when the driver needs help; taking over when they want to check out of driving; and generally communicating in more engaging and responsive ways.

To do that, Toyota has thrown in a whole lot of LEDs but surprisingly few displays. Everything from the wheels, to the headlamps, to the banner display on the rear, and throughout the cabin are illuminated with color-changing LEDs. They can welcome you as you approach in the parking lot, and wordlessly warn you if there’s a potential hazard that the AI thinks you may not have spotted.

Meanwhile, there are concept-favorites like gullwing doors that hinge up like some crazy insect, space for four people inside, and an electric powertrain. Toyota says it plans to take elements from the Concept-i and introduce them into its production cars, even if the vehicle itself doesn’t make it to the road.

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