Nokia 6 / Nokia 5 / Nokia 3 Gallery

Nokia 6 / Nokia 5 / Nokia 3 Gallery

Nokia now has a three-strong line-up of Android phones, and they’re going global. The Nokia 6, which was already announced, is getting a broader release and it sits atop a range of affordable phones that attempt to tickle the nostalgia of those still pining for the Finnish firm. That’s despite not actually being made by Nokia any more.

In fact, they’re the handiwork of HMD. That startup – which does actually include some former Nokia execs – has licensed the Nokia brand for phones, leaving the actual company to focus on making 5G hardware and other B2B matters. Still, for those looking for a new phone, that small detail might not matter.

The Nokia 5 packs a 5.2-inch display and an aluminum body, and will be 189 EUR. The Nokia 3 is even smaller, with a 5-inch display and a 139 EUR price tag. They’ll go on sale later this year.

Nokia 6

Nokia 5

Nokia 3

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