#MicrosoftInAlaska – an Epic Lumia Adventure

#MicrosoftInAlaska – an Epic Lumia Adventure

We recently went on an adventure of a lifetime exploring Alaska with Microsoft. During the event, we used the Lumia 640 XL Windows Phone to capture our experience. It was also a big treat to have Stephen Alvarez – a National Geography photographer – on hand to provide first hand pro shooting tips. Taking pictures with a smartphone versus a camera is different in some respects but, at the core, there are many similarities.

Things to look for when shooting with a cameraphone:

  1. Pay attention to the edges
  2. Shoot high, shoot low, shoot sideways – be creative!
  3. Capture the action
  4. Watch the light – and in Alaska, there’s a lot of day light especially this time year. While there, the sun was out from around 5 AM until 11 PM at night.
  5. Make friends – this is an important tip because according to Stephen, people will be less likely to freeze up when you’re using a cameraphone versus a larger Micro 4/3 or DSLR. Making friends is the key to unlocking doors and putting people at ease.
  6. Have fun! It’s hard not to have fun when you’re out and about in Alaska or where ever your adventures might takes you. Enjoy yourself, be in the moment with your friends and family and be happy.

Train Ride to Whittier

Hanging out…

All aboard…

Stopover Before Glacier Cruise Tour…

Glacier Cruise Tour…

Helicopter Ride to Punchbowl Glacier – Sled Dog Tour

NOTE: The images (below) video quality/stabilization (above) as well as sound quality are unedited in order to show the true quality of the Lumia 640 XL.

This post will continue to get updated over the next week or two with additional pictures and videos taken by SlashGear as well as other participants – so stay tuned.

Disclosure: This lifestyle event was sponsored by Microsoft. The company paid for travel expenses as well as loaning out one Lumia 640 XL Windows Phone, a Surface device with service for three months on both devices. We did not accept any payment from Microsoft.

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