Sonos and IKEA have paired up on a new family of WiFi speakers, with the IKEA SYMFONISK range promising all the music streaming Sonos is known for, but at IKEA prices. Two models will kick things off, the SYMFONISK Table Lamp and the SYMFONISK Bookshelf Speaker. They’re priced at $179 and $99 respectively.

The Table Lamp effectively takes a Sonos PLAY:1 and tops it with an LED lamp. The latter can be switched out for a smart bulb if you want; either way, you can control the music through Sonos’ app. Later, IKEA will update its Smart home app for music control too, and have a dedicated SYMFONISK remote control.

The Bookshelf Speaker, meanwhile, can be positioned vertically or horizontally, or mounted on the wall or a kitchen rail system. Both speakers can be used in a stereo pair, or as a pair of rear channel speakers in combination with one of Sonos’ soundbars.

Launching in 2021, meanwhile, is the third addition to the SYMFONISK range. The Picture Frame Speaker hides its drivers behind a wall-mountable panel, designed to even more surreptitiously blend into your home decor. IKEA will offer interchangeable art panels with each updated season.

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