Google Pixel Slate Gallery

Google Pixel Slate Gallery

Google Pixel Slate is Google’s newest Chrome OS experience, here delivering a Chrome OS device meant to be held and used as a laptop. This device has a “full desktop experience” as well as a UI “reimagined for touch.” One version of Chrome OS appears when there’s no keyboard attached, and the other appears when a keyboard attachment is initiated.

With a fingerprint reader at its head, this device comes with Titan Security. This system can allow a screen unlock through one’s own Pixel smartphone, too. The keyboard – one keyboard – is called the Google Pixel Slate Keyboard. This keyboard has backlit, round keys and a full-sized touchpad.

There’s also a Google Pixelbook Pen that’ll work with all sorts of stylus-friendly Chrome OS and Android apps. The Google Pixel Slate will be made available for $599 later this year with YouTubeTV free for 3 months. The Google Pixel Slate Keyboard will cost $199, and the Google Pixelbook Pen will cost $99.

Stick around to see our Google Pixel Slate hands-on and first impressions. Then continue to stick around until we release our full Google Pixel Slate Review. Just to be safe, just go ahead and stick around forever – it’ll be fun!

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