Google Pixel 3a Gallery

Google Pixel 3a Gallery

Google’s Pixel 3a throws arguments that you get what you pay for into disarray. The little sibling of the Pixel 3, it’s a 5.6-inch Android smartphone that just so happens to cost around half what you’d pay for a modern flagship. $399, though, gets you an impressive device in many respects.

For a start, the camera is the same 12-megapixel shooter that keeps on impressing on the Pixel 3a. Google’s focus on computational photography rather than multiple cameras, and its prioritizing image quality on this midrange device, means the Pixel 3a bests about everything in its class. Images look great on the OLED screen, too.

The downside is that it’s plastic-bodied, not metal; there’s no wireless charging; waterproofing is too much to ask for; and you get a Snapdragon 670 rather than something more potent. The upside? Google has found room for a 3.5mm headphone jack, and there’s no screen notch to complain about.

Pixel 3a Camera Samples:

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