Amazon Kindle Oasis Gallery

Amazon Kindle Oasis Gallery

Amazon has always been upfront about its big goals for Kindle: make an ereader that’s as thin and as convenient as paper is, and encourage readers to buy more digital books in the process. The new Kindle Oasis is the latest step in that journey, an astonishingly slim – not to mention astonishingly expensive – way to consume ebooks.

Up front there’s the same 6-inch display as on the Kindle Voyage, but now with 60-percent more LEDs for illumination, and in a casing that’s 30-percent thinner on average, and 20-percent lighter. It’s joined by a magnetically-attached charging case, that simultaneously protects the Kindle Oasis and tops up its battery.

Together, Amazon claims up to nine weeks of battery life – the longest of a Kindle to-date – with the flexibility of WiFi and optional 3G for downloads, a touchscreen interface, automatic screen rotation, and more. That sort of premium experience costs, however: the Kindle Oasis kicks off at a hefty $289.99.

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