Gupp Phreedom Already Running Linux OS On A Mobile Phone

In fact, even bigger than this phone is the stack its running known as CLP or the Convergent Linux Platform. The company backing this stack says that with this stack the time required to bring an Android device to market could be halved.

Android, as it is right now, is kind of like Java, you or the company you buy your device from, has to provide all the back-end stuff and Android runs on top of that, allowing it to be multi-platform, well, the way I read it, CLP is kind of a middle man that would make the backend part a lot easier to come up with. I could be reading this wrong though.

Regardless, the company is reporting that they already have a device, a Qtek 9090 to be precise, running the suggested CLP/Android combo with several GUI tweaks, messaging software, push email, VoIP, OTA firmware updates, Java, and Adobe Flash. That's pretty impressive in and of itself and makes me really want an Android phone even more, apparently that's all thanks to a "Hardware Mobility Engine" which they describe as being a BIOS for your mobile phone.

CLP rival Linux stack claims to halve Android development time [via google-phone]