Guess how much Borat pays for DSL? Somewhere around $3,355 per month

I'm pretty content with what I pay for my internet service, however, I know some people think that they're just getting charged too much. We have the belief that most of the rest of the world has faster, cheaper internet than we get here in the US. While this is true in many of the Asian countries, some people are just getting raped when it comes to internet service. Take Borat for example.

Yes, I know he's not a real person, but if he were, he'd live in Kazakhstan, and he's pay around $3,355 per month just to get 1.5Mbps DSL. If he just wanted dial-up he'd still pay around $111. Just to give you an idea about how much people there make, the average person pulls in about $399 per month.

I'm not going to go into the political aspect of this story, as I could likely talk at great length about free speech and such in that country. However, I just thought it would refreshing to know that even if you think your ISP sucks, there's always someone out there that has to pay $3,355 a month for crappy DSL. Though they are nice enough to offer a great 6Mbps down plan. That's only $22,032 a month.

The Internet in Kazakhstan: welcome to the land of $3,355 per month DSL [via arstechnica]