Greenhouse dual-eSATA ExpressCard

An eSATA port might not have been your first priority when specifying your latest notebook PC, but as external storage gets cheaper and files get bigger you may end up regretting that. Greenhouse have a possible solution in the shape of their EXC-ESA2 ExpressCard. With two eSATA ports, it's a straightforward way of adding the high-speed connection to your laptop.

The EXC-ESA2 can handle RAID 0/1 or the JBOD standard, with a maximum 3.0Gbps data rate. That makes it ideal for either regular back-ups of your notebook or just occasional access to a big file.

Greenhouse also make a PCI Express version, which has two external eSATA ports and a further two internal. However according to Akihabara they're only compatible with Windows XP and Vista, not OS X. No pricing or availability details as yet.

[via Akihabara]