Green Cell eco-friendly battery design – can’t we all just standardize our rechargeable batteries?

James Allan Brady - Feb 29, 2008

Its just a concept, but it’s a damned good one offering up a way to significantly decrease the number of batteries thrown away each year. The basic idea is that we get all the device manufacturers to start using one (or two) standardized batteries.

The batteries would have the same voltage, size, and all that other stuff. Then, they’d be sold/exchanged at vending machines.

The upside of this design is that if you couldn’t charge it yourself, you could just exchange it for a charged one, and, all your gadgets would use the same battery, meaning when your phone became more important than your laptop you could swap the two and keep talking. So it would save the environment, up the convenience of the whole mobile power situation, and since the batteries would likely be cycled out every so often, it would likely decrease the number of exploding batteries.

[via gizmodo]

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