Gravis Hipster looks a bit too cheesy

If you're looking for a different way to haul around all those gadgets, this Hipster is just about the new generation's fanny pack. Hey, I said it was new, I didn't say if it was good or not. Frankly, I am still a bit undecided as to what I think about the Hipster.

Part of my issue is that I couldn't imagine sitting down with it on and having all those gadgets jabbing into my side. The other part is that I can't decide if it looks completely ridiculous or not. Keep in mind, I have already decided there isn't the slightest chance I would wear it. Now I'm just deciding how hard I would laugh if I saw anyone else wearing one.

The belt is made of nylon and has 3 storage pockets for things like your cell phone or your wallet. The Gravis Hipster is being sold for $30, a small price to pay to go from geek to complete dork.

Gravis Hipster Accessory is a Chic Utility Belt for Gadgets [via chipchick]