Google's Majel Siri competition fast-tracked

This week it appears that someone at the Wall Street Journal has head from a reliable source that Google's own Siri competitor – known internally as codename Majel – has had its development plans accelerated. What this could mean for you, the reader, is that we'll see said competitor at the next big Google event, that being the developer event known as Google I/O coming up on the 27th of June. For those of you that don't know, the codename for this project is a reference to Majel Barrett, also known Nurse Christine Chapel in the original Star Trek television series and – much more importantly – the voice of the ship's computer as well.

Thusly we've got what Google's voice-recognition abilities can already do on Android (that being quite a bit, as Samsung's S-Voice will prove), and a bit of Star Trek shine to bring the service up to snuff. It's fairly unlikely that we'll see an actual Star Trek themed service in the near future, but a code-name like that is certainly better than naming it something with a bunch of random numbers and letters, that's for sure.

Above you'll see a short video showing off the abilities of Samsung's S-Voice on the Galaxy S III, a device we've already reviewed in full and will be seeing USA versions of in the very near future. Have a peek in the timeline below to see all that Google is doing with voice as of late, and stay tuned for the big event at the end of this month!

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[image via Momoses]