Google Re-upping to compete with

James Allan Brady - Dec 13, 2007

So’s new ads show off some pretty cool features that have apparently stolen some users away from Google. What does Google do? The same thing Microsoft would, steals their idea for themselves.

So now, some of you should be able to see video and product search results peppered into the sidebar that’s usually reserved for ads alone. Also, Google has added a scroll bar to their AdSense ads allowing more ads to be displayed in whatever limited space they are given.

I will give Google props for trying, and I’ll likely never stop using Google because I know a lot of the Syntax stuff to use to get the most out of Google, but they are going to have to try harder to win users over from Ask because that’s a damn slick interface over there. Best of luck Google, I love ya, always will, but try harder, like you mean it.

Google changes its search result and use the sidebar [via winandmac]

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