Google Maps for Android v5.1 gets Places photo reviews

Google's push to make Android devices the choice for mobile reviewers continues, with the addition of Places photo sharing in the updated version of Google Maps. Previously supporting text-only reviews and ratings, Google Maps for Android v5.1 now allows users to "Add a photo" to a location's listing, either snapped there and then with their handset's camera or uploaded from the gallery.

In addition, it's now possible to see a summary of which nearby places you've rated with four or five stars on the map, helping cut through the mass of listings. Check-ins are still supported, and it's possible to see photos shared about each location by other visitors.

The updated version follows news of Google's acquisition of foodie reviewers Zagat yesterday which, the search giant has already confirmed, will be used to boost the number and legitimacy of restaurant reviews in their mapping products. You can find Google Maps v5.1 in the Android Market, where it's a free update.

[via Android Community]