Google Latitude hits App Store again

Last week Google's Latitude app snuck onto the App Store a bit early and was shortly after the sneak peek pulled. If you were sad that you missed the peek at the new app, you will be glad to hear that Google Latitude for the iPhone has hit the App Store again and apparently for good this time.Google Latitude is an app that lets you track where your friends are in the real world and you can even use the maps to meet them wherever they happen to be. This is the perfect app for stalkers it seems. All of the friends that you agree to share location information with show up continuously on your map.

This would be a great way for parents to keep up with where their kids are. The app has privacy settings that will share only city level information, hide the users location altogether, and allow the user to turn off background updating whenever they want. The app will by default share your location information down to your exact location when your device is closed and the screen is locked. The app is offered for free right now.