Google I/O Day 2 On the Runway

We're revving up and getting ready for Day 2 of Google I/O, with the keynote starting in just a few minutes. Yesterday was jam-packed with annoucements, from Google Music Beta, movie rentals on Android, Honeycomb 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android at Home. You can see all of our coverage, including the full keynote video, here. Our buddies Vince and Ben are at the event, getting ready to head into the keynote any minute, and we will be giving you up to the minute coverage on the news as it comes out. Today's keynote will likely focus on Chrome.

You can watch the live speech here, at the Google Developer YouTube channel, and also be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter for the most timely updates. You never know what's going to happen at an event like this, especially since we had Vic Gundotra do an exclusive unboxing for us yesterday!

Stay tuned, lots of exciting stuff coming your way.