Google Instant - RIP Enter Key

Today as Google unveiled their latest feature – Google Instant – they have decided to make the enter key relatively irrelevant when it comes to their search service. Marissa Mayer, Google's VP of Search Products & UI explained that Google Instant was specifically designed to make search more fun, fast and interactive.

Google being a search company has through the years released a number of innovations related to search and they have certainly done it again with Google Instant. Google has been affective in making search more approachable and simple for every day consumers and I think Google Instant will continue this trend.

I believe Google Instant's real value will be in touch computing, which I have written extensively about here on SlashGear. Consumers will continue to add more and more digital screens to their lifestyle and many of them will be touch based. It is important for Google to maintain relevancy with their service and cater to ways that consumers on any device may use their search service to find information.

At the end of the day Google has innovated where they innovate best and that is relative to search.

Things to Watch -

- Will consumers embrace this new technology or choose to turn it off.

- Will this affect SEO in any significant way

- How will this roll out to mobile / touch based devices.