Goodmans iPod Dock with a 7" LCD Display

Docks for the iPod aren't always all that exciting. They have good sound quality, sure, but beyond that its just another set of speakers for most people. This Goodmans dock has a slight alteration from the norm offering a 7" LCD display.

I would have the slight issue of justifying where to put it. Since my kitchen has a perfect view of the tv in the living room and I usually have my laptop nearby no matter where I am anyway. I think I could con myself into believing that I might need to move where there is a kitchen with a closed design. Then again being a gadget addict I might just give up all together on justifying my technological purchases.

The site lists several types of iPods that it is compatible with, including the iPod Touch, and the new iPod Nano. It is being sold for about $178.

[via chipchick]