Goodbye from Brenda

Brenda Barron - Dec 10, 2008
Goodbye from Brenda

I’ve only been writing here on SlashGear for about six months. It feels like I just started yesterday, yet at the same time, I feel like I’ve been doing this forever. I’ve been a part of a great working group, but now I’m off to other things as life often requires. This is my last post.

I’m sad, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions, and this one was certainly tough. Even so, I take consolation in the fact that I met great people here. Everyone was supportive from the get-go, offering advice and even when I screwed up, said so but didn’t tear me down. Constructive criticism was always appreciated.

I’m thankful for the great friends I made here. Thanks for always being great, guys! And how could I forget about the always dutiful SlashGear reader? Thank YOU for reading what I had to say, whether it was opinionated or merely a newsy tidbit. I’ll miss your feedback. I’ve learned so much from you and about the tech world by delving into it each and every day. And with that, I’m hanging up my SlashGear hat. Thanks guys. It’s been fun.

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