GM's OnStar to Feature Facebook Integration, Allows Status Updates on the Go

There was a time when OnStar, and other systems like it, were meant to do one thing: help you in case of an emergency. But apparently the fact that people were paying for a system that, let's face it, they (hopefully) weren't using all that often didn't make sense, and now "GPS and Infotainment" systems are being upgraded to not only function as helping hands, but also useful entertainment items. OnStar is late to the bandwagon, especially compared to other in-car systems like Ford's Sync, but it looks like they're going for the haymaker: Facebook.

The report is unconfirmed as of now, but if it proves to be true, then it looks like you'll be able to talk to your OnStar like you would normally, but this time you'll be able to let everyone on your Facebook know just where exactly you're going, or what you're thinking, while you're driving. No, you won't have to type anything in (thankfully), and you'll be able to just say what you want to say and have it added to your Facebook, but we still think this is getting pretty ridiculous.

Not only that, but the system would be able to read out text messages, and let you send out text messages. And, just in case you want to know what your status update stream looks like in the middle of a long drive, your OnStar system will happily read them out to you, too. Apparently the big upgrade to OnStar is set to take place some time in this month. A new advertising campaign is set to kick off around the same time, which should make all those teenage drivers excited to have OnStar. Or, that's what GM's hoping, anyway.

[via CrunchGear]