Gmail for iPhone coming soon

It's not often that we post about a single app here on SlashGear, so when we do, you know it means a lot to a lot of people – today the news comes down about a real live Gmail app for the iPhone. Word has been passed to publisher MG Siegler that after four years of the iOS platform existing without an official client for Gmail, one will be released, complete with Push Notifications. Word is that the official Gmail app has not only been developed and prepared for final release, it's been submitted to Apple for review for the iTunes App Store.

Before now you've been able to get access to your Gmail through third-party apps and with the web-based mobile view of Gmail, but there were no Push Notifications with that. And now that iOS 5 has brought the biggest and the best notifications we've had on the platform since it was first released, the time seems perfectly ripe. With this first Gmail app for iPhone you should be able to star messages via flags and get these lovely notifications with ease, all of this in what Siegler has been told is the most evolved and nicest look at Gmail that's thus far been released on the mobile platform as a whole. Perhaps this means a new version for Android is incoming as well.

A few more features can be guessed, most of them having been leaked earlier this month in a video which described changes to Gmail on the web. Contact icons, the deepest search functionality thus far available in the mail client, better threading, and more. Another bit of functionality that's possible is integration with Google+, Apple having approved the original Google+ this summer not soon after the original Android version of the app.

Hopefully we'll see a release inside the week.

[via parislemon]