Global Thermonuclear War Developer's Game Plans Triggered Police Call

In a world full of threats and rampant government monitoring, it isn't surprising that a game called Global Thermonuclear War would raise a red flag at some point. The somewhat comical part is how it happened — when the developer's unsuspecting landlord entered to do an inspection and was greeted with a white board containing a diagram for blowing up the eastern US.

Henry Smith is a British game developer and a software engineer working on the game Global Thermonuclear War. As developers tend to do, Smith had materials visible in his domicile — namely, the white board featured in the image above.

The issue arose when Smith's letting agent dropped by to do an (expected) inspection. The inspector spotted the board and relayed the information to Smith's agent, who called the developer and advised him of the situation, saying, "The person who did the inspection did have some concerns about one thing."

Smith explained what the white board was about, but he was advised a handful of days later that the police had been notified. He was understandably frightened, but says that the police have not followed up and he doesn't believe they will.

SOURCE: The Guardian