Gigabyte M528 MID: 3G HSDPA is standard, backtracks Expansys

Fresh news on the Gigabyte M528 saga, as Expansys do an abrupt about-turn and confirm that yes, the Mobile Internet Device does in fact include a 3G HSDPA modem.  Previously the reseller had suggested that the MID, which is up for preorder on both its US and UK sites, would not ship with 3G but leave it as an option. 

The M528 will be one of the first MIDs to be available on the market, and the idea that it would lack ubiquitous connectivity led some to question whether it could truly be described as a Mobile Internet Device in the understood sense of the phrase.  Gigabyte claimed to have an optional HSDPA modem available, but it does not show up on their site or elsewhere.

Somewhere along the line, someone at either Gigabyte or their resellers needs to step in and make sure the information getting out to potential customers is correct.  This isn't UMPCPortal's fault, it's a failure on the part of both manufacturers and retailers to clearly define what it is that's on offer, something doubly important when that device is pretty much spearheading a new niche.  Many people have already reportedly cancelled their preorders based on the idea that the M528 lacked HSDPA; both Expansys and Gigabyte will be hoping that they now reorder, but it's a chunk of contradictory publicity that won't do either any favors.