Get your free (as in beer) Wiimote Sleeve from Nintendo

Do people really still have issues keeping a grip on their Wiimote? Apparently the new-and-improved Wiimote straps aren't doing the trick, so Nintendo is once again stepping up.

Rather than concentrating on keeping it tethered to your wrist, they are giving away (yes, that's free as in beer) silicone sleeves for your precious Wiimote. These should make sure that you have a better grip, and provide a cushion so your Wiimote doesn't break anyone's head open.

Personally I'd like to see a retractable Wiimote strap. If you loseĀ  your grip it won't travel far before promptly swinging back and hitting you upside the head. It would only take a few hits to the old noggin before you learn to keep a firm grip. You can get yours free by calling Nintendo's hotline at 1-866-431-8367 or visiting their website.

Nintendo Offers Free Wiimote Sleeve [via gearlog]