GenosTV Cyclops controller looks like a texting discus

GenosTV isn't a name that most of us will recognize, but the company is working on a cool product for the TV. The device is called the Cyclops and it's a round universal controller that has all the functions you expect on a remote control and more.

You get your keys to change channel and control your DVR, Blu-ray, and other devices. You also get a small QWERTY keyboard that is designed to let you enter text much faster. The product is now entering the manufacturing process in China according to GenosTV.

Originally, the Cyclops was designed to be the controller for the GenosTV Cable box, but the thing has morphed into a universal remote control. That is a good idea and will open the product to many more users. Another cool feature is that the Cyclops supports Bluetooth and can connect to phones and should be able to connect to PCs too. It would make an interesting HTPC controller. A version for game consoles is in the works. Availability is unknown.