Genius X-G510 gaming mouse is good for righties and lefties

If you're a PC gamer one of the things you need is a good gaming mouse. If you happen to be a left-handed PC gamer, finding a good gaming mouse can be more difficult than you might expect. A lot of gaming mice on the market today are designed specifically to be used in the right-hand.

That means if your preferred mousing hand is the left, it can be difficult to find a decent mouse. Add to that the fact that many high-end gaming mice can cost you $100 or more, and finding the perfect rodent can be a challenge. Genius has announced a new gaming mouse called the X-G510 that has an ambidextrous design.

That means it can be used with your right or left hand. It also features a crackled finish with a customizable lighting system. Like most gaming mice, and has adjustable sensitivity with four settings including 500/1000/1500/2000 DPI settings. With some high-end gaming mice offering 6000 dpi sensitivity or more, the settings seem a bit low.

Gamers can bind up to 21 different macros to the various buttons on the mouse with each macro having up to 20 commands. Genius equips the mouse with a 1.8 m long braided cable. One of the best things about the X-G510 is its price, the mouse is available for $34.99. Gamers in the US and Canada can purchase the gaming mouse right now.

[via Genius]