Geek ports iMovie to iPhone 3GS

Shane McGlaun - Jun 30, 2010, 5:18 am CDT
Geek ports iMovie to iPhone 3GS

There were lots of iPhone users who were excited about iMovie on the iPhone. There were also many iPhone 3GS users who were disappointed to hear that the iMovie app was for the iPhone 4 only.

A guy going by David Rohman Torres has posted an easy hack that allows the iMovie app to work on the iPhone 3GS without any issues. How easy is the hack? Well for starters, your device apparently has to be jailbroken.

After that requirement is met, Torres claims that all you need to do is modify the info.plist file inside the app to change the minimum system requirements to system version 3.0.0 and front-facing-camera to false. This is interesting, check out a video of the iPhone 3GS running iMovie below.

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