GameStop quits offering product replacement plan for the Xbox 360

I would sound very much like a broken record if I mentioned the fact that the Xbox 360 has a reputation of dying on people (surely not!). Unfortunately, it's a very real fact, one which keeps fellow 360 owners up at night. At least when you go to purchase a new console you have the option of getting a replacement plan which will net you a new console if it should ever die right? Not at GameStop.

That's right, after all the trouble that the Xbox 360 has been known to have, GameStop has grown weary of replacing the consoles. Normally, retailers stand to gain a considerable amount by selling these, as the products generally don't flake out within a year. Unfortunately the 360 isn't necessarily that reliable.

Effective immediately, you will no longer be able to purchase GameStop's Product Replacement Plan for the 360. PS3 and Wii consoles are still eligible for coverage. I can feel their pain, but seriously I'm a little upset that they have decided to take this route.

GameStop no longer offering Xbox 360 replacement plan [via crunchgear]