Gamercize PC Lets You Exercise At Your Desk

A lot of spend a lot of hours working at a desk and not so much exercising. We all know it's important but we make excuses, most of which are that we don't have the time. The Gamercize PC helps make time for exercise while you're working at a computer/desk.

It works the same the same as any step climber but it's connected to your keyboard and mouse, if you stop stepping, they stop working. You can burn up 400 calories an hour by using it and it'll record your process for you and keep you in touch with whatever your goal may be.

I'm at a desk a lot throughout the day and so this device sounds great to me. The only drawback is that it costs $200, but what's a little money when your health is at stake?

Gamercize PC-Sport Stepper [via GeekAlerts]