Galaxy Z Flip 5G might be out this week

Samsung's own mobile head confirmed no less than five new phones debuting next month but that list didn't include one that has been rumored in the past. The 5G variant of the 4G Galaxy Z Flip launched earlier this year may not be big enough to even share a spot on Samsung's online stage in two weeks. Not only that, it may not even share the same schedule as a new leak hints that the foldable 5G clamshell might even launch as early as this week already.

One might think that upgrading a phone to support 5G might not be that big a deal anyway and that may be partly true. At least in terms of external design, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is expected to look no different than its 4G predecessor. That said, it won't just be a matter of slapping in a 5G modem, which will actually also require some changes inside.

Samsung is doing more than just that, though, even if the Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy Z Flip is technically capable of supporting a 5G modem as an add-on. Instead, it is going with the latest Snapdragon 865+, which already integrates that modem in the package. This would make it one of the first phones to use Qualcomm's latest, ahead of even the Galaxy Note 20.

Fortunately, this upgrade might not cost consumers extra compared to the 4G-only model. It's definitely surprising to hear rumors that the Galaxy Z Flip 5G would cost nearly the same despite the slight upgrade, but Samsung could have also saved some costs by reusing components that have already been in stock or in production.

According to the leak, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will start its pre-order period on July 22, though it might be limited to China. No word yet on when actual sales will start or when the same offer will be available to other markets. Then again, it might easily be overshadowed by what Samsung has to show on August 5 anyway.