Galaxy Note 7 specs leak from China

Chris Burns - Jun 27, 2016, 2:56pm CDT
Galaxy Note 7 specs leak from China

The next Samsung smartphone with an S Pen has appeared in a new set of specs leaked from microblogger “I Ice”. This new set of specifications seems to confirm several of the more important details we’d been told in the past, like a 5.7-inch display with Super AMOLED technology. That same display is tipped to have 2K resolution (that’s 2560 x 1800, like the Galaxy Note 5), and will come in two iterations – one with an Edge, one without.

This device will come in several iterations, actually, with another split coming depending on release country. Inside the United States we’ll see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, we’re told, while the Samsung Exynos 8893 is said to be rolling in on the European and/or Asia front. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is tipped as the 2.3Ghz iteration, while the Exynos 8893 would be clocked at between 2.6 and 2.7GHz.

These processors will be utilizing 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM, this summarization of specs from China suggests, and a 4,000mAh battery will be keeping the Note 7 awake.


As long suspected, a USB-C port is tipped here – or USB Type-C if you prefer – as well as an IP68 rating for resistance to dust, wind, and water.

Up front there’ll very likely be a 5-megapixel camera while around the back there’ll be a 12-megapixel camera, the back having optical image stabilization, the front having an at-least decently-wide-angled lens for all the selfies you can handle.

Three different hefty-sized iterations of this device have been suggested here, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB internal storage. That’s in addition to whatever storage you add with this device’s microSD card slot.


This device will almost certainly use the – or a very similar version of – the software we saw earlier today running on a Galaxy Note 5. This device doesn’t yet have any mention of a “Force Touch”-like bit of hardware enhancement, but the software suggests that it may or may not – we shall see.

This is not the first Galaxy Note 7 leak we’ve seen, and it certainly wont be the last. Have a peek at our timeline of Galaxy Note 7 (and Galaxy Note 6, as it once was called) below to learn more!

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5 Responses to Galaxy Note 7 specs leak from China

  1. So far I haven’t seen any real reason to update from my note 5 except the water proofing but I can live without that.

    • no reason?? big battery…SD card…6gb ram…better processor…waterproof…iris scanner…
      the sd card slot is the best reason to update

      • I can live without the SD card and the 6gb ram. I don’t lock my phone so the iris scanner would be wasted on me. The processor on my note 5 is quick enough for what I use it for and the battery life on my note 5 gets me through the day easily. Liked I said, for me and what I want from my phone, my galaxy note 5 is perfect for me right now and I don’t see anything on the upcoming note that makes me salivate. Now if the screen was 6 inches and the top and bottom bezels were only 5mm thick, then I’d be grabbing it as soon as possible.

  2. I currently use a Galaxy Note4. When I read articles like this what I see is: “blah, blah, blah, 4,000 mAh battery, blah, blah, blah …”

    • I use a Note4 too, You see the latest leaks? Shows only 3600 mah battery, why do they keep fking things up

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