Fujitsu UH900 manual prompts convertible tablet version confusion

Chris Davies - Jan 19, 2010, 5:16 am CST
Fujitsu UH900 manual prompts convertible tablet version confusion

While the Fujitsu UH900 did enough to reasonably impress us back at CES 2010, one of the more confusing design decisions the company made was to junk the convertible form-factor that had been used on previous Fujitsu UMPCs.  Going by a snippet from the user-guide, however, that might not always have been the case; a Pocketables reader spotted what looks like partial instructions for how to safely rotate a touchscreen without damaging it or the keyboard.

The suspect section is called “Using the System as a Tablet”, and the guide explains to first open the display to 90-degrees from the keyboard.  However it then pretty much cuts off before mentioning any form of rotation.

Of course, those instructions are very similar to the instructions Fujitsu used to give for the U820/U810 UMPCs, both of which had rotating displays, and so it’s possible that the copywriter responsible for the UH900 manual was lazy in their cribbing from older versions.  Still, we’d not be surprised if Fujitsu launched a convertible version of the UH900 at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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