FujiFilm Finepix Z700 Brings Pet Detection to the Camera Game

FujiFilm wants to make sure that when you buy their latest point-and-shoot, the Z700, that you're completely covered. You know, in the "detect this" department. After all, what good is a camera that can only detect red eye? Or only detect faces? All of that's in the past. Well, welcome to 2010, where the next big thing is . . . Pet detection!

The Finepix Z700 from FujiFilm is the first of its kind (we'll let you be the judge of whether that's a good thing or not). The camera proper has a 12MP lens, and it's of the point-and-shoot nature. It's got a touchscreen interface, so we know this won't appeal to everyone. Unfortunately though, it looks like the Z700 is still a bit rough around the edges. During an event this last week, the camera was fully capable of taking regular photos, but when it started snapping photos of animals, things got rocky.

Apparently, when a dog is in motion, consider the "pet detection" a no-go. It's just not happening. Furthermore, while the camera was able to snap shots of a stuffed animal without a problem, when a real animal was used things got a bit more hairy. We're sure these things are still being worked on, but for now, if you're willing to drop $280 dollars on this thing when it comes out later this month, make sure that you're pet meets the minimum requirements (yes, there's a list) first.

[via Gizmodo]