Free service with purchase of iPhone?

Would you pay $499 or $599 for an iPhone if you got 18 months of service for free? That's the question Cingular/ATT seems to be pondering. Apple is putting pressure on Cingular/ATT not to discount the much-anticipated device, and the wireless giant is looking toward alternative strategies to do just that. This certainly would be a bold move by the newly-acquired provider Will this be a preview of things to come from the Cingular/ATT merger? Only time will tell.

This latest rumor comes from CNBC's Jim Cramer. He belives that Cingular/ATT is trying to sway users of Verizon Wireless to make the switch by offering them free long-term contracts when they purchase one of the year's hottest phones. Let's just keep hoping that this type of competition pays off for the average consumer.

Buy the Apple iPhone and get 18-months service free [via: MYiPhone]