Fox News rips off BioShock Infinite logo

Chris Burns - Jul 3, 2014
Fox News rips off BioShock Infinite logo

Whoever’s responsible for graphic design on “Fox & Friends” is not having a good day. This designer appears to have used a rather familiar source for their design of a “Defending the Homeland” segment marker as it looks rather familiar to a game we’ve played recently. The game: Bioshock Infinite. The design: main logo – typography, stars, colors, and all.

What you’ll find is a not-so-fantastic iteration of the setup provided by BioShock Infinite used for this new segment on the “Fox & Friends” segment. Instead of sticking with the slightly thinner font with darker border, Fox decided to go bold with a bent Helvetica. You’ll also notice the prominent use of bright yellow instead of a subdued red.

Game creator Ken Levine had a giggle about the situation on his Facebook page, saying “Glad to help, Fox. Glad to help.”

BioShock Infinite is a game about a city with a political party called the Founders who promote nationalism and suggest that it’s their “holy duty to guard against the foreign hordes.”


Use of a logo like this suggests that Fox News is taking cues from The Daily Show, a television program that often makes use of popular logos skewed for their own unique segments. In this case, though, we’re guessing the designer didn’t intend for the public to see the similarities.

VIA: GameZone

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