Foursquare adds “Like” feature to check-ins for users outside of friend zone

Craig Lloyd - Jan 4, 2013
Foursquare adds “Like” feature to check-ins for users outside of friend zone

Foursquare rolled out a minor new feature today that lets your Facebook or Twitter friends “like” your Foursquare check-ins even if they’re not connected as your friend on Foursquare. For now on, when you share your Foursquare check-ins with friends on Twitter or Facebook who are also on Foursquare, they’ll be able to like it, regardless of friend status on Foursquare.

Foursquare will even send you a notification whenever someone outside of your Foursquare friend zone likes one of your check-ins. However, these can easily be turned off in the settings if you don’t want your email to get bombarded with pesky notifications — we can’t blame you for not wanting to “know how awesome you are” (Foursquare’s words).

Of course, this dips just ever so slightly into privacy concerns, and the fact that non-friends on Foursquare are able to like your check-ins and statuses, but we’re guessing that since these are people who are your friends on Facebook and Twitter, most users won’t really have a problem with it.

Foursquare recently made some privacy tweaks following the Instagram debacle last month. Foursquare made some changes to their privacy policy, which now says that the service will display users’ full names and giving businesses more customer data by default, though Foursquare points out that extra privacy can be restored with a few settings tweaks.

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