Fortnite Wolverine skin plan leaks, but one big mystery remains

We've seen multiple Fortnite tie-ins with Marvel and DC superheroes, the latest being Deadpool and Aquaman. This appears to be something of a trend for the company at this point, leaving fans to wonder whether we'll see yet another superhero as the secret Battle Pass skin — something some fans have grown weary of. Despite the repeat nature of Epic's superhero crossovers, it seems the company isn't yet ready to move on to something else.

It's unclear why Epic has chosen superheroes as its Fortnite crossovers this year — when you add in the superhero crossovers from Chapter 1, such as the Gotham takeover of Tilted Towers, as well as the various DC and Marvel universe characters like Harley Quinn offered in the Item Shop, the number has eclipsed those of other crossovers, such as Star Wars and Stranger Things.

Regardless, it seems this is only the start. A leak earlier this month found evidence of a digital comic book reader coming to Fortnite, enabling players to read in-game comics that will supposedly be related to existing superhero storylines, not the battle royale game's own universe.

The latest leak from notable game data-miner HYPEX on Twitter claims that Epic has had plans to — and may still intend to — release a Wolverine skin. The information is said to come from a very reliable source, which apparently also mentions a related Wolverine Claws pickaxe.

The big remaining question — whether Epic actually goes ahead with this plan aside — is whether the skin will be part of a big crossover in Season 4, as with Deadpool and Aquaman, or if it will just be released in the Item Shop. Epic, of course, has not commented on the leak regardless, so it's possible it will never even release a Wolverine skin.