For the forgetful at heart-The Fred-O-Matic Kitchen Timer

I am sure everyone has that thing that brings out their inner child. One of mine is cute little gadgets that do quirky things. Like this kitchen timer that is a miniature of a retro blender. The Fred-O-Matic Kitchen Timer will start playing 70's game show jingles with the time is up, not only that, but it also starts blending away.

My current timer doesn't exactly go off when it's all done. It has a slightly retarded buzzer, which means it goes off about 5 minutes too late. That, or not at all. The only concern I have with this cute little blender is that it won't be loud enough.

I'm not sure how loud show tunes get, although combined with the blender noises I'm hoping it would be enough to catch my attention. The timer stands 6.5" tall and has a digital display that shows the time. The timer is priced at no more than your average timer at $15.99.

FRED-O-MATIC Kitchen Timer [via Perpetual Kid]