First Xbox One Kinect opt-out games confirmed for graphics boost

Chris Davies - Jun 11, 2014
First Xbox One Kinect opt-out games confirmed for graphics boost

The first Xbox One games to benefit from ditching Kinect have been named, with both Destiny and Sunset Overdrive committed to using the extra GPU grunt to hit 1080p/30fps. Microsoft confirmed that, by giving developers access to hitherto-reserved system resources once earmarked for Kinect functionality, games could potentially see a 10-percent performance boost. However, it wasn’t so easy as unplugging the sensor bar and seeing better quality graphics.

That’s because, while the reserved GPU performance will be made available to developers, they’ll still have to actively take advantage of it using the new June SDK.

In fact, gamers needn’t unplug the Kinect from their Xbox One at all to see an improvement in game performance, if that’s how the title’s developer has opted to utilize the console’s processing power. Instead, it will be up to coders to pick and choose how much of the reserved resources will be left for Kinect; leave the title, and it’ll spring back into life for menu navigation as usual.


According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, speaking at E3 2014 with Microsoft’s Major Nelson, game creators have been swift to jump on the new potential.

Bungie, behind title Destiny, will be using the extra GPU power from XB1 to push the game to Full HD and 30fps on the Xbox One, just as gamers have been crying out for. The PS4 already supported 1080p/30fps.

Meanwhile, Spencer also confirmed Sunset Overdrive would be doing similar, using the Kinect reserve for improvements in resolution.

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SOURCE Major Nelson

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