First Official Apple Store In UAE To Open At Mall Of The Emirates

The first official Apple Store in the UAE will open this month in Dubai. The store will be located within the Virgin Megastore in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates and it will be fully staffed with Apple geniuses and employees and should have the look and feel of your typical Apple Store.

This news should delight Apple fans in the region who have had to wait extra long for new Apple products to reach the area or pay exorbitant prices to get Apple products on the gray market. However, this news will be bad for other manufacturers that have been able to enjoy the lack of Apple's presence in the market thus far.

The Apple Store in Dubai should open on March 16th and to celebrate its launch will be voucher giveaways for customers wanting to purchase iMacs and MacBooks. It's not clear if the soon to be released iPad 2 will make its journey over there as well.

[via Stuff Middle East]