FBI may be using Carrier IQ for "law enforcement purposes"

The scandal involving the data and location tracking software called Carrier IQ that's been installed on more than 140 million phones may now involve the FBI. In refusing a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Muckrock, the FBI has inadvertently revealed that it may have been using the Carrier IQ software for law enforcement purposes.

The Muckrock FOIA request asked the FBI for "manuals, documents or other written guidance used to access or analyze data gathered by programs developed or deployed by Carrier IQ." In response, the FBI denied any disclosures stating that any information it revealed could jeopardize ongoing investigations. Muckrock is seeking to appeal the FBI's decision.

Although the FBI's statement doesn't confirm that it has indeed been scanning the data collected by Carrier IQ in any of its law enforcement proceedings, it appears that they do have something on file that could either affect current legal cases involving the use of the data or affect the current investigation of Carrier IQ.

Carrier IQ has denied that its software collects information like text messages or web browsing histories. This seems to be true according to analysis of the software by third-party security researchers. However, the software does log the phone's dialer, URLs entered, and GPS locations.

[via Forbes]