Farmville comes to iPad

Shane McGlaun - Oct 22, 2010
Farmville comes to iPad

My wife is a Farmville addict. She is constantly farming something and has to pause TV shows to go harvest crops. It’s really a strange game to me, I can’t see the appeal in a game where you have to plant something and then come back six hours later to harvest just so you can plant more and come back in another six hours.

She was excited when Farmville came to the iPhone so she could harvest crops without having to be near a computer. Zynga has announced that Farmville is now available as an iPad app. The app is much like the iPhone version in that you can tend to your existing farm. New players can also create a farm on the iPad app as well.

Farmville fans can get the app for free on the App Store right now. Zynga says that the iPhone version that launched in July now has about 100,000 gifts sent using the app each day. In total 60 million people around the world play Farmville according to Zynga. I wonder how many Facebook people were friended just to get more neighbors on Farmville.

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