Farmville cartoon coming to television

Shane McGlaun - Feb 11, 2013, 8:00am CST
Farmville cartoon coming to television

For a while many months ago it was impossible to get away from Farmville. If your Facebook friends list is anything like mine, you were probably swamped with requests to help build barns and other things in the game. We don’t hear too much about Farmville anymore, but that may be changing.

A half-hour animated television series based on the Farmville video game will be directed by Brett Ratner. Ratner is working with a television production company called Six Eleven Media from Canada and he will also be the executive producer. Other executive producers working on the animated series include Charles Bishop and Nina Gelb.

Farmville is still incredibly popular with the Wall Street Journal reporting the game attracts millions of players each day. It’s unclear exactly what the animated show will be about and what age group it will be aimed at. Presumably, we’re talking about a show aimed at kids with lots of game tie-ins.

Zynga is likely hoping the game will appeal to older fans of the video game as well. It also remains unclear exactly what the show will be about. I’d wager it will be a cartoon based on farming with some sort of agricultural and green elements for educating kids. There’s no word on when the series will premiere or what networks it will air on.

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