Fake Lich King Beta invites going around

Not too long ago I informed you that Blizzard Wrath of the Lich King was coming along nicely, and that Blizzard had begun the Alpha process. Unfortunately some people have taken this knowledge and tried to use it for evil. Namely setting up fake websites and sending out emails informing people that they have been accepted into the beta program for the upcoming expansion.

I'll admit that some of these people do put some effort into their fakeries, but regardless of how nice it looks, there are a few things to remember. First, when WotLC hits beta, you'll know about it. If you haven't heard any news, chances are that it's not entered beta yet. Another dead giveaway is that these sites don't point back to an official Blizzard site. Be on the lookout for urls that are blizzard.com and worldofwarcraft.com, as these are the real deal.

One other thing that I can never stress enough is that a Blizzard employee will never ask for your password. Unless you are on the official WoW website or have your game client up, you shouldn't be putting in your password.

[via WoW Insider]