Facebook integrates Dropbox for group sharing of large files

If you were wondering how Facebook was going to take their Groups platform to the next level, look no further – they've tied the knot with Dropbox for massive amounts of storage space for all. What you'll be able to do with this storage space is share your larger files with your buddies, make it simple for your Group surrounding your business or club to share files – perhaps a PDF guide for your next big showing! You'll be able to upload large files of all kinds – videos, packs of notes, your new photo collection, whatever you need!

What the actual service provides is not a new way to upload files to the cloud, but a connection between Dropbox and Facebook. You'll still need to upload your files through Dropbox, but the path from your Facebook Group to the files you seek will be much, much easier. And better integrated – you wont have to post a link each time, you'll have a big ol' box there ready for you – easy to see, easy to click.

If you make edits to your Dropbox folders, an update will appear in your Group. If you make edits to your files in the cloud, an update will reflect this as well. This service will make Dropbox an extension of your already diverse group on Facebook. Here Facebook expands to a level beyond that which their current server space will allow – or that they want it to allow, given the wild and sometimes dangerous world of web storage.

Working with Dropbox will allow Facebook to continue to be as safe – legally – as they are now, while still making it possible for people to share files of all types. No longer will you be limited – in groups – to single photos and relatively small videos. Now the storage world is yours to command!

[via Dropbox]