ezGear Wii Boxing Gloves Help You Put Up Your Digital Dukes

It seems like there's a new Wii accessory coming out everyday. And that's definitely not an exaggeration. And while it's always a good thing to have diversity in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide on which gaming gadgets will really improve the experience or just be a nuisance.  

But if you love Wii Sports, especially the boxing mode, you will love the ezGear Wii Boxing Gloves. This way, you can punch just like you would if you were actually boxing. There isn't any need to awkwardly hold the remote in your fist. Instead, the Wii-remote and the Nunchuck can be slid into the top of the gloves.

Then, you can get to boxing. The gloves also feature a foam-filled material, which give them a more realistic quality. You can get the ezGear Wii Boxing Gloves for $24.99.

[via Chip Chick]