EZ-Steady camera stabilizer finds massive KickStarter support pre-launch

It appears that one inventor / designer by the name of Kyle Hart is sitting in a pretty great place after his EZ-Steady- iPhone, DSLR, GoPro Camera Stabilizer has found over $30,000 USD in backing money on crowdfunding site KickStarter with 19 days left to go – with an idea so simply wonderful as this, it's no wonder! What this design consists of essentially is a camera mount, a handle that allows the stand to move freely whilst still attached, and a bar that wraps down below the handle with weights attached so that the whole rig can be balanced. What we've got here is a steadycam setup made real for all manner of personal cameras – coming soon!

Have a peek at the video below to see how the whole thing comes together, and note that we've got a review of both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and a bit more information on the GoPro if you'd like to take a peek, but that essentially any DSLR will work as well. Plug any kind of camera you've got in there if it's attachable, and enjoy yourself a healthy helping of stable views in all your videos from here on out. Also take note that although the images you see here all have a bright blue bar, they'll offering up a black option eventually too.

The whole unit has a massive breakdown in prices for those of you wishing to get in on the ground floor before it leaves KickStarter to venture out on its own. You'll find that the least expensive setup will run you $255 after shipping costs are included, and you can get up to $325 if you want everything they offer, including the larger Heavy Steady, counterweight, and Glif. This seem like your next solution for image stabilization in a hurry, complete with bright blue sheen?

[via KickStarter]