Eurotech ZyWAN G9 cellular router

Shane McGlaun - May 11, 2010, 6:37 am CDT
Eurotech ZyWAN G9 cellular router

Eurotech has announced its latest product called the ZyWan G9 cellular router. The router is designed to offer 3G, CDMA, and GSM/GPRS cellular network connectivity and allows connectivity to Ethernet and 802.11 wireless networks in fixed applications.

The mobile broadband connectivity is added to the G9 via a USB port that works with various networks. The device features an easy to use web GUI that can be accessed over-the-air for configuration. The device has multiple interfaces including four serial ports, dual Ethernet, and WiFi.

The router also supports VPN, firewall, DHCP, DNS, and NAT routing. Optional GPS receiver functionality is available. The router is aimed at the mobile and filed worker environments among other uses.

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