Epic VP Goes Bananas At Sony

It's always refreshing to see a shining example of grace under pressure, isn't it? Saying out loud what most of us were thinking the whole time, Epic Games' vice-president, Mark Rein, called Sony's claim that "the next-generation of gaming starts with us" complete and utter...um...malarkey. Well, he didn't use terms that were quite that nice or controlled, but you get the idea. Rein decided to give Sony a piece of his mind at the Game Developers' Conference in London.

While it's probably not the smartest move to piss off a customer (Sony has licensed Epic's Unreal 3 engine for use on their console), Rein seemed to find Sony's next-gen superiority claims to be absolutely nuts:

"Sony says the next generation starts when they say so. I say, that's bull****!"

Scorned developer, or psycho executive? (we seem to have a lot of those with this generation of consoles) You decide. Bottom line, Sony: if your developers don't like you, how can the gamers hope to enjoy their newly-acquired games?

[via GamePro]